How do I use my ChargeHub account to pay?

Modified on Mon, 13 May 2024 at 10:15 AM

ChargeHub offers a universal activation service for public charging that allows you to charge at partnered networks throughout North America. 

As of now, ChargeHub users can activate charging stations from the following network operators:

  • BC Hydro EV
  • ChargePoint
  • CircleK/Couche-Tard Recharge 
  • Circuit Électrique 
  • Co-op Connect 
  • Duke Energy 
  • EcoCharge 
  • EVCS 
  • evGateway 
  • EVoke 
  • EVSmart 
  • FPL Evolution 
  • Graviti 
  • Hypercharge
  • Ivy 
  • Mercedes-Benz 
  • NL Hydro
  • Shell Recharge
  • Shell Sky EV Technology 
  • StayNCharge 
  • ZEF Energy

In order to activate a charging session using the ChargeHub application, a user must first have a ChargeHub account and have funds available. Stations which are not operated by partners of ChargeHub will need to be paid and activated through the accepted payment methods of the particular station's network operator which can be found on the details page of a station in the application.

Users will be charged a flex fee for activating a charging session via the ChargeHub application in addition to the rates set by the network operator. The Flex Fee is $0.75 for level 2 sessions and $1.25 for DCFC sessions.

Steps to Activating a Charging Session:

1) Make your way to a compatible station. Compatible stations will be marked by an orange lightning bolt and will be labeled with "can be activated via ChargeHub". 

You can also go to your filters and turn on the "can be activated via ChargeHub" filter in order to only populate the map with stations that can be used through the application:

For a complete list of compatible networks please refer to our list of compatible networks.

2) Once you've arrived at a compatible station, open the details page of the station you intend to use. Use the "start charging" button in order to start a charging session.

3)  Find the plug you intend to use and click "select".

4) This will bring up a card displaying the payment rates for the plug you've selected.

5) Once you've hit the start button, wait for the application to fall into a ready to plug state where you will plug the charger into your vehicle. With a slight delay the application will display your charging metrics such as time/energy.

6) To end the charging session:
Level 2 station: Remove the charger from your vehicle.

Level 3 station: Use the stop charging button located on the station prior to removing the charger from your vehicle.

Here is a video explaining how to add funds to your account:

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If you still have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us anytime by phone, email, or chat:

Phone: (888) 400-0164

Chat: Via the ChargeHub application

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